Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It is well with my soul, it is well

Spent a chunk of the weekend on grad school work and also trying to stay ahead of the game with set design and painting of the Sound of Music production. Ever heard of that saying that goes something like, "If you're on time - you're late, if you're early - you're on time... " Amazing for us but we actually might be on time or even early.

This set design and painting as been the most intense undertaking we have ever done but it's going to be so worth it. On Saturday afternoon, before I went to the set painting, I actually dropped to my knees in the shower (actually one of my favorite places/ways to pray because it makes praying a truly sensory experience) and laid out all of my "issues" to God because I was just feeling completely buried and crippled by them. Prayers aren't like birthday wishes in that if you tell them they don't come true [I seriously don't believe in that anyway!] so I have no issue telling you that my actual prayer was pretty much, "Lord God, I CANNOT do any of this without you but I even if I could I WILL NOT do this without you!!!" My prayers were answered and deliverance was offered in ways I never could have imagined when I showed up to the set painting and had so many people with their hands and feet ready to go and boy did they go!!

I have NEVER been good at delegating but after laying all of my inadequacies and woes at Christ's feet and opening my heart for Him to just take over as He saw fit, it was like I was definitely on auto-pilot and everything just fell into place beautifully.  The amount of work that was accomplished was that which should have easily taken two weekends rather than just one evening.

Two of some of the advanced art students in the midst of the faux marble effect painting. I love seeing how they both ended up in the same place in the end (not pictured) but started out in obviously differently ways/approaches.

Just a sampling of the AMAZING mountain ranges done by one of the school's most talented student artists in maybe all of school history.

One of the best parts of the whole day that I have not yet mentioned is the fact that this past weekend's round of set painting included my daughter and my husband. I am a bit of a workaholic but that doesn't mean I enjoy being away from my family in the least. I guess it could be said that I want it all but I definitely acknowledge that I can't have it all. *shrug* Well, sometimes, (I believe especially when you give "it all" to the Lord and trust Him to do as He sees fit) I get way more than I could ever bargain for and that just happens to end up being ALL of what I wish I could selfishly have.

My daughter and my husband joined me for ALL of the set design and painting and my daughter was an absolute angel (she will only be four in June!!) and my husband was THE MAN and got some serious amounts of major set work done as well as managing a chunk of the people who were there to just help out. Seriously. The whole thing was orchestrated like the best well-oiled machine you could ever imagine.

(Pictured) Two of the loves of my life: hands stained with paint from a perfectly wonderful day of painting and my wedding ring set from my endlessly supportive husband specially designed so I don't have to take it off ever - even when I am doing plaster or clay sculpting!!!  And he doesn't just encourage me symbolically like this since he was getting his hands dirty right alongside me.

Hard to believe but it was just a little more than five years ago that I used to sit alone in my little condo (just outside of the boundaries of Charm City - that's where I was working before I gave up a pretty wonderful second career) and I would look out my windows at the sky and dream of a job that would allow me to design, create, and PAINT with the gorgeous colors I saw every evening at dusk. It was in my heart to do that and I knew that God had given it to me. As my work BFF Megan would put it, I hitched myself to that dream and then just recklessly pursued the path that I felt God would straighten for me to realize the dream. And here I am. I swear to you I am LIVING that dream!!! 

I know life will never be easy but I can tell you that life IS good because GOD isn't just so good but He is so very incredibly wonderful. 

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