Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Full of epic-ness and covered in awesome sauce...

I know how silly and crazy the title of this sounds. Cut me some slack! I'm kind of running on fumes right now as I do my best to finish a very challenging literature review for one of my grad classes that was due Sunday. O_o

At this point I've already gone through the slap happy stage and I'm now definitely in the OhMyLandWillIEverFinishThisThing-stage. I shouldn't even be posting any of this but I'm desperately trying to reclaim the whole slap-happiness that I once so delightfully relished in and made working that much more bearable.


Anyway, this is sort of art related and sort of not...

We are doing spirit week right now at my school and par for the course, everybody (faculty including) gets REALLY into it and it pretty much almost the most fun that you could possibly hope to have if only your school were that awesome to begin with.

For the record: My school IS that awesome to begin with.

I don't mean to brag but it's a place where not only I love to be but I know for a fact my colleagues do as well. It is a very closely-knit school community (where it's really much more community than it is school) that somehow manages to be a place that is a magnet for the types of things that make it a place you just want to be despite it being your job to be there in the first place.

All of that being said, I can pretty much bet that their are few schools where one could work that they would be able to do something like have a student come to their class fully decked out as MC Hammer and also allow said student to break out with some "hammer time" during a breather between classroom activities.

Something else truly unique? How about a kid who comes to school as a life-sized transformer that not only looks completely accurate with its detailing (all homemade by the way AND this student was one of my art students thrice around!) but also - the costume was FULLY FUNCTIONING!!!!

Seriously?  When this kid came on stage to accept the honor of best dress for today's themed day, the ENTIRE school was shouting his name in unison...

Want to know what he transforms himself into? Check out this video one of my colleagues snagged of him as he "transformed" himself...

Sorry it's so small and hard to see that he is turning himself into a mack truck. Trust me though: it completely RULES.

Anyway, I feel better now so that means this little study break is oooooover for me. Back to the paper writing. See ya 'round.

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  1. Aw, can't see the video! But it sounds awesome!


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