Saturday, June 18, 2011

Holding pattern

I'm in the midst of completing the last piece of artwork for my grad school application portfolio (due at the very latest next Friday!) and also juggling a million and one other things - freelance photography work, editing weddings that I shot way back in May, marketing for both of my business ventures (photography and traveling art instruction), tying up loose ends from the school year (like receiving a huge order of furniture and teaching materials for the studio classroom next year, decorating the walls of the digital classroom,and working on mural designs for the growing list of places the school wants us to paint and design). I haven't forgotten about this poor seemingly abandoned blog!

I have at least one more lesson idea to post (Expressionism project from the Art History class) and then I was going to do at least one (maybe two) wrap up posts for the school year to kind of highlight the things that did go well and will be kept within the curriculum and didn't work out and will be scrapped for other lesson ideas I've been mulling over. I was also thinking about doing something on supplies ordering - like what I'm planning on trying, what I'm going to continue ordering because it's so tried and true in my experience, and also talking about where I've found the best price for certain items that are usually on the pricey side.

Anyway, just wanted to pop on and say "hi" and also let you know that I'm just kind of in a holding pattern right now! I'm hoping to have things back up and running on a reasonably normal schedule within the next few weeks when I'm fully acclimated to my new summer schedule.
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