Art Projects for Kids - Elementary art education plans and ideas

Teach Kids Art - Comprehensive art education ideas

Art Lessons for Kids - Elementary education plans and ideas

Wilkinson's Wonderful World of Art - Elementary education plans and ideas [password protected]

Elementary Art Fun - Really fun and original ideas for Elementary art educations

Art with Mr. E - Art Education/teaching of the only male art teacher I've found on the web yet

For the Love of Art -  Elementary and Special education lesson ideas

The Accidental Art Teacher - K-6 Art Education in a private school environment

Miss Young's Art Room - K-6 Art in a public school and also a fellow believer and follower of Christ

Mini Matisse - Middle school with videos of art lesson ideas

My Messy Art Room - Elementary level art with some technology offerings as well

Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue! -  K-6 teacher in NY, also works as a co-director of afterschool Art enrichment program

Arteascuola - Italian middle school art teacher (so cool!)

Draw The Line At - one of my favorite blogs on this list, blogger is an elementary art education (K-5) teacher and she is also in graduate studies like me!


High School Art - Actual student work and great links to inspirations

The Blooming Palette - Lessons, units, and more for high school art educators

Beginning Art Teacher blog - Includes some middle and elementary information and lessons

PHS Art -  Actual student work and great ideas of how to draw creative inspirations from beyond the classroom

Schutz Art - Student work examples and a focus on grades 7-12

Everything/one else

Ken Rockwell - If you are interested in photography haven't acquainted yourself with Ken Rockwell then you need to.  He has reviewed nearly every camera (Nikon and Canon and even some other brands) you might be considering to buy as well as lots of periphery equipment.  He also has amazing write-ups of tutorials and how-to's for the workings of your camera or understanding all of the technical elements of the photographic medium itself.  His specialty is most landscape stuff.

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