Thursday, February 2, 2012

Frida and I are pretty much BFF

Spirit week fun continues and today was "celebrity" day. Earlier in the week one of my student aides and I were discussing good ideas for dressing up and I suggested Frida Kahlo to her. She was both hip to the idea and also mortified by the thought of voluntarily sporting the look of a unibrow. *shrug* WHATEVER. FRIDA KAHLO IS AWESOME.

Thankfully, my student aide is also awesome because she showed up to school this morning dressed like this...

Is that not THE BEST Frida Kalho get-up EVER?!!! It certainly helps that she is latino to begin with but seriously? I just LOOOOOOVE it!!!

Something funny: poor girl had to pick up one of the "My Name is" stickers that they were passing out because another student asked her if she was Princess Leia. *sigh* How about NO? But honestly? Princess Leia would have been awesome as well.

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