Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mountain moving faith

Just checking in!

I've been ridiculously busy lately because it's that time of the year again: time for the annual musical production!!!!

I have been busyBusyBUSY flexing my "Art and Creative Director" muscles all in the name of the sound of music. My department head (for the Fine Arts) is an amazing woman, teacher, fearless leader type and for this reason I am always willing to do just about ANYthing she wants me to. In this case? It's working on the set design and effect painting of our spring drama production. Some months ago you might recall when I showed a snapshot of a set I worked on bringing to life for a production of  "Diary of Anne Frank."  For as much extra work as it is for me to do this type of stuff, I cannot even tell you how much I love it. Seriously. This job that I get to do that enables me to do this type of stuff never ceases to amaze me.

One of my Art History students works on faux marble-effect on the columns.

Large view of the stage with the abbey window frames (four will have faux stained glass) 

The most naturally gifted student artist my school/art studio classrooms might ever see.

The student doing all of the mountain painting on the main panels is only a sophomore and his technical ability is turn-and-stare amazing!!! I had only a few brief conversations with him with lots of very specific (and challenging) ideas presented to us by request of the drama department and he hardly flinched when I explained that our didn't just need to properly depict atmospheric perspective in the most realistic way but also in a way that will closely imitate some of what has only ever been seen of master painters in their works that are currently being displayed at the National Portrait Gallery of all places. I mean, I certainly don't expect him to be a master painter but for his age? It's hard to deny that he's nothing less than completely awesome at what he does. He is single-handedly taking on the mountain ranges and I would hardly trust such an endeavor to any other student visionary or paintbrush other than his.

I cannot believe I get to do the work I get to do every day. Seriously. I thank only the good Lord above for not only knowing what is deep down in my soul to begin with and then giving it to me every day more and more and more.

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