Friday, February 3, 2012

Put a fork in it! (Spirit week is DONE.)

Today was the last day of spirit week and all of my class times were sliced down to a measly 30 minutes - not nearly close to the amount of time that would be fair for ANY of my studio classes to get anything done considering set-up and clean-up time. Such is life! I offered them the time for study hall purposes OR the option of doing some "advanced" coloring sheets via a "back pocket" item I always have handy in the way of tessellation and incredibly complex hidden picture coloring sheets...

In all honest this was a nice way to finish the week. (When I get done posting this I will be heading to see a Shakespeare production right in the school's performance arts center.) Spirit week is always pretty fun but this year it was especially good. I mean, seriously - how is it NOT awesome when you've got Elaine Benes (of Seinfeld, in case you don't remember) joining your class for some time and attempting to start her own dance party?

(Please thank one of my student aide for offering herself up as subject-matter as she has been dressed up this week. *Love you, HK!!*)


  1. A new casual tone in your writing this week ;)

  2. So interesting that you have picked up on that!! This week has been challenging for me because I have discovered that I might have an undiagnosed learning disability that is causing major issues in my attempts to be successful in grad school. :( Surely it's a blessing that I am finally attending to it now (FINALLY)but I have had to deal with lots of "serious-ness" in so many areas of my life in order to tackle this the way it ought to be so I suspect this is the reason why I just kind of let my hair down here on the blog a lot more than I ever have. :) God is gracious though so I know He will surely provide incredibly mercy, endurance, and strength through all of this in addition to it giving me only one more way to glorify Him and (hopefully) inspire others.


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