Friday, February 3, 2012

WiPs: Think outside the stamp - Commemorating Black History month

In case you need reminding: I am all about projects that can be appropriately timed with holidays!!

Last year we did an idea that was awesome in theory but completely underwhelming when we attempted to pull it together for Black History month. *sigh* I still cringe at the thought that we didn't even finish the work until long after Black History month was OVER and then I had such disdain for the whole experience that I didn't actually hang them in the student gallery for another month and a half. *whatev*

Since I'm constantly trying to improve the curriculum and not be boring with the project work (by doing the same thing over and OVER again), I changed it up this year after seeing the work of Molly Rausch in my Google reader the one day by way of This is Collossal.

Here are some pictures of what the students have been working diligently on. Since it is a seriously foundational course and I don't have a lot of advanced art students, I allow and very much encourage "crutches" in their learning for this (their first project) especially. They are allowed to use the quad light box set-up I got from a local hospital's X-ray department last year and they are working with mixed dry media.

It's been a very fun project so far and I am very anxious as I anticipate how each of their pieces starts to come together, take shape, and then get refined and polished up. I will (of course) try and show you that work when it happens.

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