Monday, February 13, 2012

WiPs: The Ombre Experience installation - we're getting there!!

Here are just a few more snaps of all that is currently keeping the 3D Design classes busy.

Little by little, each student artist is finishing up the first stage of their piece of the installation by designing and fabricating 144 shapes that will make 72 pairs of shapes. Such a painstaking process that they are both loving and hating.

They were encouraged when I showed them these though! I mean, really? Who DOESN'T get excited over a box full of beautifully organized and separated brand spankin' new pony beads in glitter, gloss, and pearlescence? Even the boys of the class were intrigued by the idea of digging into these.  Amazing that at the start of this project, these were not even a part of the materials list! Funny how a shopping trip to Lowes for supplies that would have been ten times your budget lands you square at the Walmart next door to get something way more fun to work with and much easier on the wallet as well.

One of the more challenging issues presented with this project is how to store the works-in-progress until all of them are done and can be rigged up for installation in the student gallery (that's the other major challenging issue). Problem solved with the handy dandy ceiling hooks bought en masse last year and never used.

I tasked the tallest students of each class (three total) to help me to stand on the teacher stool and help me install hooks only over the front/teachers area of the room. I figure grouping them here instead of elsewhere will minimize the possibility of students trying to swat at the them and otherwise break them.

Anyway, this is where we are currently!!  The goal is to have this project DONE and installed no later than the end of next week. 

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  1. Hope you had a great bday Aquarius friend. ;) I'm really excited to see the lesson plan for this one because I still don't know what you're doing. ;) But it's pretty....


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