Friday, February 24, 2012

Sticking it out

Our first venture into installation art exhibitions is going well and coming to a close (as well).


Students are gradually finishing up their individual portions of the installation and I am slowly taking each of them and joining them to the others that are finished. Slowly (but surely) they are understanding what we are going for.  They helped me to figure out the best "formation" to create (see below) and each color will be grouped like this and hung from the hooks all the way down the art gallery hallway.

I am hoping to have all of the students finished with their individual portions no later than mid next week and then have the whole thing installed by the end of next week/beginning of the following week. I'll be sad to see them disappear from the hooks in the studio art classroom but at the same time? We are running out of hooks!!!

In other news, we have officially run out of glue sticks. *grrrrrrrrrrr*

I don't have any thing official to confirm how this happened because last week we had enough for more than one and a half classes and then Wednesday when I came back to work (after being out of work because my kid has been sick) there were maybe eight glue sticks that were all half used.

I know. (I will do my best not to get any more started than this.)


Truth: I am pretty territorial about the adhesive inventory. I have serious brand loyalty and I also do a very good job at keeping just about every kind of the best adhesive on-hand/in stock so that there (shouldn't be) any issues with dealing with sticking to/with anything.

So, that's that. And TGIF. I'm working on the sound of music set for the better part of this weekend in addition to some major amounts of grad school work so I'll see ya next week some time if I'm lucky.

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  1. I love adhesive too. ;)

    Thats not something I say often or that anyone but you might appreciate. I can't keep hot glue sticks on hand to save my life!!!! And I just hate coming back from having a sub because Lord knows what goes on when im not there...


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