Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Not sure how many of you are regulars here on the blog but thought I would highlight some things that have changed within the last week. I have been monitoring my blog stats for months now and am trying to make it easier to navigate based upon some of the data I have been gathering...
  • Restructured the navigation for the site so that the network I tap into (re: other art education/artist blogs) are linked with a thumbnail now on the right sidebar. These links are the same ones listed in the links section across the top navigational bar of the blog.
  • Added a section of popular postings (with thumbnails) also to the right sidebar 
  • Enabled subscription to this site via email - access this on the right sidebar. 
  • Added a search engine box so it's a little easier to find things in the archives.
  • Added a button for you to follow what I'm doing on pinterest (if you want an invite please email me!)
  • Tried to do schedule ahead postings so that fresh material is added daily! Not sure how long I can keep up with this but I'm going to do my best to do it with my grad school and work schedule but I'm going to try to do it.
Ways you can help me to make this site better...
  • Contact me via the comments sections OR email at andreareamphotography AT gmail DOT com to let me know what you would like to see more of (or less of for that matter). My goal is to give back to the online art community that gives so much to me (inspiration, encouragement, HOPE that the love for art is not dead!!) on a daily basis. One way I can be better at giving back is knowing what is needed and wanted.
  • Link up(!) by letting me know where you're blogging your best art/art education material!!! I am glad to offer you linkage in both the links section and the right sidebar. My only stipulation is that your postings must feature decent quality images in your postings of the work you do/your students do. I don't care if they are taken with your camera phone or regular camera. Just make sure you include images in your postings. I have a specific reason for this and I am going to be addressing it in the near future but in the meanwhile, please use embedded images!

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