Friday, March 2, 2012

Partial reinvention of the ol' wheel

The 3D Design class is almost completely done with the/our first installation art exhibit the school might ever see and some are even in the process of moving toward our next project: Inspired paintings on a (very) textured surface!!!!

With Easter close enough on the timeline, it's about time for us to kick off our egg-centric (get it? eccentric!! HarHarHar!!!) project for this year. In the past, I've done egg art in the way of them being giant (-ish) egg shaped paper-mache sculptures.  With my attention span being about as long as my three-year old daughter's I'm easily bored doing the same thing twice and definitely thrice. So? This year the 3D class is going to experience egg art in a different fashion! We are going to try our hand at something called "Egg Cubism" that I stumbled upon in my blogroll at least a year ago.  I'm so excited to get started because the project itself couldn't be timed better for a myriad of reasons...
  • I love doing a non-objective piece for the second project (for any of my classes) because it really helps me to break the student artists out of the shells/boxes that they think exist when it comes to their own understanding and abilities of their artwork. I would do this right off the bat with their first project but their 1st project are so much better at being things that are straight-forward type assessments so that I can see where everyone stands to start out with. 
  • This spins the idea of the egg art we have done in the past in a way that is very interesting and definitely offers new perspectives!
  • Since this is an inspired project, it allows the students to spend a lot of time looking at and considering all of the resource library of the visual art collectives we devoted so much of the art budget too last summer when we did our annual BIG order. (See the picture above for just HALF of the library we have at our disposal)
  • It utilizes UPCYCLING!!!!  That's something I adore doing whether we have the art budget to support our endeavors or not. Why? Because it introduces the possibility of really good visual creativity/creation in a "green" way.
Later today I will be stopping by a local boutique cupcakery (I am buddies with the owner and the head baker!!) and picking up over 70 egg cartoons from them for this project that will kick itself off next week. Egg-citing? (I know. You are already tired of my egg-cellent efforts to make this as punny of an experience as possible. *wink*)

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