Monday, March 26, 2012

Lesson idea: Smart phone menu illustration

The students had a real love-hate relationship with this project. *heh*

It was the first long-term and self-directed project they completed and they used a tutorial found online to inform their design decisions.

I encouraged them to do nine original app buttons and to really "think outside the box" to come up with app ideas that would (essentially) be physically impossible to have. It really was fun listening and joining in on their conversations and some of the apps they came up were both fun, funny, and (at times) very ingenius. One thing I allowed them to do (outside of the normal scope of things) was to engage and interact with their own social networks via twitter and/or facebook. I encouraged them to pose the question "What would be a really cool app that couldn't exist but should?" They didn't get a ton of responses back but the ones who did were very excited to take on the challenge to create some of the ideas posed to them.

Something else interesting to note of this project: the male students have really outperformed the female ones. This isn't to say that the female students did poorly. The male students were simply a lot faster at completing the project on the whole and they were way more focused on the project as a whole.

Here are some of the student pieces that I've enjoyed...

I really liked this project idea because it really instructed upon how the basics of illustrator can be rendered and even stretched to create something that is very simply done but not without solid creativity and clean and well thought-out design decisions.

This project is leading itself into the illustrated recipe project (they have already begun and are working on it currently) and we will be making an illustrated recipe book just like we did last year. The only difference is this year's recipe book will be a 10x10 size because I just happen to have a groupon that I need to use before July that will help offset the production cost. *Yay for things being impeccably timed!!!*

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