Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sweetest hook-up EVER!!

Such a beautiful (and DELICIOUS!) thing that right now my job/the current 3D Design class project requires me to pop in on a local cupcakery every so often to pick up what would be their discarded egg crates/cartons to do Egg Cubism paintings...

As it happens, I'm good buddies with the head baker of the place and I also "networked" myself with the owner last August and did some food photography for them of their cupcakes when they were first getting their website up and going so it's been no big deal for me to just call them up and ask them to put aside all of their egg cartons.

For whatever reason, the 3D classes ran out yesterday afternoon and at least half a dozen didn't have any cartons for their pieces! Oh! The horror that I had to go to the cupcakery this morning during my back-to-back planning period to grab some more and also a delicious hummingbird flavored cupcake for my troubles. My life is just so hard sometimes, eh? *wink*

I have already scheduled a second trip to the cupcakery for the end of this week because they have said they would save more cartons for me. Yay for another opportunity to upcycle AND eat a delicious cupcake!!!

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