Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WiPs: Think outside the stamp - Black History month project

*This posting is late and got lost in my drafts folder. Oops! It was supposed to post about a month ago. Oh well. Here it is anyway.*

Yesterday was the last day of studio/classroom time for this project and this was very much what was happening at every table.

I'm delighted to report that we will actually be finished with this project BEFORE Black History month is through this year (unlike last year - *pfffffft!!*) And while this year's project was decidedly less elaborate, I feel like it allowed for just as many "teachable moments" and maintained the general integrity of what it aimed to do from beginning to end.

Looking forward to showing you the finished works in the coming days! Here's hoping that I can get both that done AND get the actual pieces hung up in the gallery BEFORE the month is through. Thank goodness for my recent gallery hack! Hopefully that will make hanging the pieces a little more painless.

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