Thursday, March 8, 2012

Set Design: The Sound of Music

Hard to believe but all of the visual art efforts for set design for the school's production of the Sound of Music are just about done!!!

A view from my favorite seats of the balcony. Best seat in the house (if you ask me)!!!

Earlier this week the lower school art teacher dropped off a MAJOR part of the set design: the faux stained glass panels.

Here they are lying in wait to be stapled into the standing window frames.

Here they are lightly coated in matte modge podge because though they were so pretty when they were so shiny, the stage lights bouncing off of them were blinding the audience members. I <3 Modge Podge!!! (But only the matte kind because the gloss kind is sticky and gross.)

One of my biggest personal challenges is the fact that I am terrible at delegating things. The fact of the matter is I have no issue sharing the "glory" or fun of whatever might need to be done but usually I end up swamped with things at any given time because I think so much within myself that it never occurs to me to ask for help. *shrug* What can I say? I'm working on it.  Thankfully, the Lord has been very provident and understanding and has provided me with amazing learning opportunities to learn both the advantages and wonderful value of delegating. (Read: "teachable" moments design just for ME to be taught such a lesson)

This week has just been such a crazy one for me because of all of the set stuff going on so I've really welcomed the frequently appearing "fun" projects (per request of my colleagues) that normally bog down my schedule and are hard to manage.  In the midst of all of the set stuff, I was requested to help decorate/upcycle an old basketball for one of our starting senior basketball player. He is finishing his high school basketball career scoring over 1000 points. I don't know anything about basketball but it's my understanding that that is a pretty amazing achievement.  To recognize this, the head basketball coach gave him one of the game balls and he asked that I help to make that ball a little more special. His simple request to paint just one section of the ball white (so that something could be written in that space) morphed into me painting two sections and also in a way that contributed to a real visual design incorporating the school colors.

Some of the buddies of said student had a grand ol' time helping to paint the ball. As I like to say, if you want something done right? Give it to the kids to take over and make happen!!! They are AWESOME at whatever you request of them and most of the time do a way better job at it than I would have done since I surely would have rushed the job.

This weekend the production opens and that means I am officially done with all the set designing for this school year. I estimate that I will have a little more than a month until discussion starts for next year's set design ventures (as steered by my amazing department head/the performance art department). 

[I will try and take pics to post of the finished set for you when I come to the show this weekend with my family. :)]

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