Friday, October 5, 2012

Lesson idea: Continuous Line Art - Wire sculpting | 3D Design

This lesson idea is one I haven't done in quite a while but found I found these pictures (on an old portable hard drive) and thought they were worth sharing!

I did this project with the 3D Design students my first year teaching visual art ever and I led them into the project with a continuous line drawing study. Each of the students was required to come up with one object that they would sculpt in 14 gauge aluminum wire (you can purchase it here from but before they could sculpt it, they had to show me their idea drawn with a continuous line. When they had completed the continue line drawing of their chosen object, they each received 90 feet of it that they were not permitted to cut in order to echo what they learned in the continuous line drawing exercise.

Overall, this project idea was a big hit but it I also couldn't push it to last for any more than one solid week of class meetings. That's pretty quick for me because my goal (from the beginning) has always been to do longer term project endeavors. I believe the students turned out very successful and interesting samples of work but it went very fast for them (during both years that I taught it) and I don't know that they learned anything super significant other than that wire wrapping is cool and fun.

If the future I would really push the students to focus on contours lines when they draw in continuous line technique and I would definitely push them to not do just any object but one that has purpose and meaning to it once it is fully sculpted.

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