Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's a new and improved Lesson Idea archive section!!!

Hello blog friends and interweb visitors! I just wanted to let you know that I have redesigned and reorganized the LESSON IDEAS archives of this blogsite in an effort to make it more user-friendly and (visually) better organized and communicative.

Since starting my site I have amassed quite a collective of Lesson Ideas for all of the courses I teach. The other day I looked at it and realized that the list (while very comprehensive) is also kind of overwhelming to read as well as clunky to navigate. Now, I love bulleted lists as much as the next visual organizing-type but the way it was going? Well, it really seemed to defeat it's purpose. Even I was annoyed with having to comb through such a long block of text in order to find stuff that I myself put there! (I just counted the ideas I have posted and for all of the sections combined, there are currently 50 that I have shared. CRAZY!!!)

So, I changed things up a bit and below is a full-webpage screenshot of what you will now find in the Lesson Ideas archives section accessible across the top navigational bar...

Each course/area that I used to have as mere headings of the large list now has it's own separate page that is linked from the Lesson Ideas section.  You access the individual sections by clicking the large headings (that are in orange brackets). Also included are some snapshots of what is found in each section.

When you get to each section, it is visually organized in a similar way and looks a little like this full webpage screen capture of the 2D Design section...

Each section - 2D Design, 3D Design, Interactive Art History, and Art Beyond the classroom (that includes fun activities for the school community at large) - looks pretty much the same as the screen capture above. There are short blurbs on each project idea page link (accessible by clicking the orange bracketed text headings) as well as a few images of what you will find on the linked page. Neat, huh? And SO much better too!!! There is a pretty fair amount of content in each section and I will be adding more to each of them as I introduce lesson/project ideas to my own classes.

I did all of this not just for my own organizational purposes and goals (though it fits that as well) but also because I want to actively create (and maintain) something that serves YOU, my fellow art teachers, working, visual artists, and lovers and enthusiasts of all things related to visual creativity and real creation. I regularly review my website stats and I am constantly thinking about how to continue making this tiny little part of the web (that I am so blessed to be able to call my virtual soft place to land) a little bit more welcoming and comfortable to visit.

Because I have taken some unique twists and turns in my career to get to where I am today, I have pretty significant experience not just in visual design but also with visual branding, website coding, blogging for an audience, curriculum design and writing, and social networking. DreamPrayCreate.com has become something that rolls all of the talents the Lord has blessed me with into a nice and neat little package that I can't help but want to share with you all as a gift that (hopefully) keeps on giving far beyond itself. I take my job as a teacher very seriously because I know that my investment in the lives and education of my students will pay itself off in dividends and (the way I see it) investing in YOUR artistic endeavors and/or the lives and educations of your students will also pay itself off in similar ways.

Thank you for continuing to support me in my efforts with this blogsite! I pledge to keep trying to make this place a better, more informative, and CREATIVE and VISIONARY place where inspirations aren't only sprouted but also cultivated and germinated. Also, if you have any questions or ever want to contact me you can do say via email address DreamPrayCreate[at]gmail.com.

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