Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Doodle Rolls for half off? I'll take 30!!!

While the title of this posting and this posting might suggest I have suddenly become a compensated affiliate who is going to start hocking products at you, I assure you. This is no such thing and I am no such type of blogger. Rather, my long-awaited search for never paying full price for another product (I have been coveting) has come to an end.

Have you heard of the Doodle Roll? I think it came out sometime last year and I first saw it on my blog roll. Basically, it's a shrunken down version of rolled easel paper with a set of double-ended crayons all conveniently (and cleverly) packaged for the little artist who just cannot stop themselves from creating any and everywhere they might find themselves. I pretty much just described my child...

Coloring in the car on the way to Ontario, CN... Painting on the porch in Ontario... Drawing at a friends' football party event... and Coloring last evening at our new home art studio table while I queue up blog postings like this one. 

Do you have a kid like mine who cannot go any place without amusements? She is ALL ABOUT the amusements but she is not so into toys and rather she much prefers being able to be constructively creative and drawing, painting, and cutting & pasting more than anything ever. (Wonder where she gets all of this from?? *haha*)

In the past it's been enough to just give her the back of a restaurant placemat or old envelope I might have in my purse and a pen or pencil to doodle with but anymore she requires a little bit more to keep her focused and actively engaged. If she has a handful of her favorite coloring and drawing materials in her favorite palette though? (Right now it's pink, purple, bright blue, and "golden") Well... she will be very intently occupied for at least an hour if not more.

Anyway, last year when I stumbled upon the Doodle Roll I wanted so badly to get one/some for my kid but they actually weren't available for purchase yet. I mean look at how cool they are. I just love when people have awesomely creative and clever ideas like this and then they make them happen...

Eventually the Doodle Roll was available for purchase but they were much more than what I wanted to pay. (I have this shopping motto that goes like this: Never EVER pay full price.) I mean, regular price wasn't actually so bad but, at the same time, I am convinced that I can always save a buck or two if I simply hold out a little bit. It was hard to walk away from them but I did. And so? I do what I always do when I want something but don't get it. I mentally bookmarked the idea of the Doodle Roll and then just went about life.

Well(!) yesterday I was checking in on my email (we were one of the super blessed ones in the region who lost neither power nor wifi) and Zulily was selling Doodle Rolls!!!!! Even better? They were selling the party packs of 12 sets (and normally $72) for a STEAL at $35.99!!! I mean SERIOUSLY. WOW!!!!!! I ended up buying almost 30 Doodle Roll sets - add-ons for Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews and then also enough for my daughter to use at her June art birthday party.

I have never bought from Zulily before (I have only recently discovered the amazingness that is social networking shopping like Groupon, Living Social, Uncovet, and Totsy) but because I have been a part of Zulily's distro and not yet shopped, I was able to cash in on free shipping on all that I ordered. Not bad, eh?

All of this being said, you can still get the Doodle Roll sets - either just one, one with refills, a couple of them, or the party packs for upwards of 50% off - depending upon which ones you buy. It seems that the more you buy - like the party packs - the greater percentage that you end up saving. HERE is the link to the 'Craft Time Collection' section on Zulily if you are interested in the Doodle Roll as well.

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