Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I will be cre8ting come January 2013

Have you seen this yet...

I found it by way of my blogroll on the legendary Kathy Barbro's site Art Projects for Kids.

I have no clue who/what is behind it but I think it's 1) BRILLIANT and 2) something I will totally do now that I have a much more workable home art studio for my family and I to use. 

(BTW, I will be giving you all a virtual tour of it as soon as I get the old studio space cleaned and organized - it will serve as the supplies room - and the new art supplies arrive via Fedex for my family to be surprised by.)(I cannot tell you just how excited I am about surprising my husband and daughter with brand new supplies!!! They are going to be BLOWN. AWAY.)

Whatever the case, that video up there totally rings true for me and in an effort to move out of God's way and more fully commit myself to living for Him and serving Him and CREATING as He created me to create, I am absolutely going to be jumping on the creative bandwagon movement. I hope you are too!! 

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