Friday, November 5, 2010

Is it Monday yet?

Tonight I took a studio night. This means I stay after work and use the time to work on my own personal art endeavors. I've got a studio at home but it's about 1/8th of the size of my classroom and not even close to as well stocked with the odds and ends I always end up needing. So... it just works best if I stay here a little longer.

Honestly thought?  It's very much a place I would want to be every minute of every hour of every day if I could help it. But, as God knows best, I'm terrible with decision making when it comes to what I should do with my time and so He's given me a wonderful husband and family that I not only need to be with but want to be with.

Still, I can't help but relish in having studio time when my schedule allows. Normally it happens on Monday nights but next Monday it can't happen so I finagled tonight instead.


What can I say?

Being in the studio will ALWAYS be home sweet home to me...

(Here's one of the big flat drawers that I've claimed for myself.  I'm aware of how much it needs a good straightening, cleaning, and organizing.  But I never said I was a good housekeeper now did I?.)

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