Thursday, October 28, 2010

One way to kill a snake

Things that happened today with the masks...
  • Applied the "tattoo" and affixed the faux dog tags => officially completed
  • Attached the curtain rod, fashioned the drapery/curtains, hung the curtains, and constructed the cork finials => unofficially completed
  • Opened my storage drawer and accidentally tore the "serpent's" head mostly off.  Scoffed at myself and then smooshed the head back on leaving a slightly noticeable seam => *Grrrrrrrrrr*
  • Sculpted and attached the bird beak => 10th mask officially started

I'm having a really hard time with the whole project at this point.  It's taking everything I have to not just push myself through it and call it done.  I can't do this though because I know my craftsmanship overall will really suffer and I cannot CAN. NOT. let that happen.  This project is too important to let that happen.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a "grading" day.  I will definitely be doing some grading/entering of grades but I'm also going to be doing other not fun stuff:
  1. Taking down and rehanging the student gallery displays
  2. Making name plates and name tents
  3. Figuring out exactly what to do about the 10th and 11th masks
  4. Talking to the school's resident construction whiz about the best display options for the masks AND the best way to start on my next project (an interactive sculpture that uses a water pump that will be stopped and started via a push button)
  5. Working on my application artist statement, teaching philosophy, narrative about my journey as a professional artist, and C.V.
[86 number four.  I just remembered.  He's taking a personal day.]

Perhaps if I actually got to sleep at a decent hour I would be much less fussy about working on the masks. [I did NOT say something negative about the masks just now.  But I really had to try not to.]

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