Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've just about lost count at this point

My current personal big project is driving me crazy.  My deadline for finishing it isn't until March 1st at the very latest but I really want it to be done yesterday.  I have to make a collective of 11 total masks and then one very large one - so, 12 total.  I might have finished this one today (this is a picture of it when I started it)...

... however, I can't help but look at it (like I said, the above isn't what it looks like now) and feel like it still needs something more.  *sigh*

I have at least two others that are finished and then seven ones that are in various stages of completion.  I have two more that still have yet to be started because I keep changing my mind of what they should look like.  I think I figured out one of them but it might easily be the most difficult of all (of the small ones at least).  The 11th one?  I'm kind of stuck on it.

But I just want to be doneDoneDONEEEEEEE!!!!  And this is because I have another art project that I'd rather be doing.

Story of my life.  Story of my life. *pffffffffffffftt*

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