Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Of faith and will

Yesterday was kind of monumental for me and my studio art endeavors.

I have been feeling kind of blocked/stalled with working on the masks and I haven't been able to put my finger on what the issue is.  I think the time has finally arrived that happens with all of my projects: a crossroads of  deciding to either 1) push myself beyond a block of boredom and/or frustration OR 2) quit a project and abandon it all together.

It's not uncommon for me to be unfocused.  My attention and focus naturally shifts and sometime I can hardly help it.  I have my own theories of why this kind of thing exists but I think that I legitimately might have some form of ADD.  For this reason, I start and stop projects and quit endeavors left and right.

This mask project is something I'm trying to complete for a much larger purpose though.  I'm trying to create a statement and illustration of faith and how it plays itself out.  I'm trying to use my visual perspective to show how Christ fits into any person's life and their walk in faith - no matter how different they are from everyone else and no matter where they come from.


I'm committed to being a Christian artist and changing the face of Christian art.  The world doesn't need any more pictures of lambs, doves flying around carrying willow branches, or Jesus wearing "pretty" robes and walking around barefoot while holding hands with and/or carrying a bunch of children.  In my own experience,  walks in and of faith are a lot more than idealistic imagery and being saved and committing yourself happens when you're feeling much more like you're living in hell itself than in any other place.  Hell doesn't have pretty little lambs and snow white doves and squeaky clean kids certainly aren't hanging around in the fiery pits of hell telling stories with Jesus.  Real life and real faith and real deliverance just aren't like that to me or in my experience.

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