Saturday, November 20, 2010

Obedience is key

The word obey sneaked into my every day vernacular about a month or so ago and these days I'm using it so often that I can hardly believe it.  This is due in large part because I have a two year old daughter who likes to throw things for (what seems) no good reason at all but it's also because it is something that I feel is necessary for my own commitment to living a life of faith.

I've never been a terribly rebellious person in the most literal sense of the word but I definitely have a history of trying to move and shake things about for no other reason than it seemed like a good idea at the time. (Hmmm... maybe this is where my daughter gets that whole thing of the aforementioned.)  It's not that I have been a troublemaker per se but more that I am not afraid to step up and take a stand for something I believe in.  This means I'll do it if I have to step to someone/something or stand block for something/someone.  Something interesting to note?  I'm barely 5'2" and most people think I'm just a little beyond a hundred pounds. (My weight is more like a dollar and a quarter and I really don't care who knows it.)  For this reason it's always surprising for people to see how naturally strong willed I am and that my presence can carry so much more weight than it might appear. *shrug* You can't push me around so don't try.  That's just all there is to it.

Still?  For as much as I might be a real force to be reckoned, there's one thing that can and will always get me on my feet and moving in whatever direction necessary: the Lord God Almighty.

Just to be clear on something, I haven't always been a Christian let alone a devout believer and follower of Christ's teachings.  I've been a terrible keeper of faith for a huge part of my life for a myriad of reasons but I was raised in a Christian household and taught from the very beginning that living a Christian life was the right and best thing to do.  I strayed from it too many times to count but even in those times when I felt it was wrong, there was always something about it that was nothing other than magnetic and it always pulled me back.  It wasn't until my mid 20s when I completely submitted myself to it and actively tried to walk a straighter path of faith and draw myself closer to the Lord.  And thank goodness I did that because it was the best thing I've ever done and probably will ever do.

Since my realization that living of Christ is the only way to go, I decided to completely commit myself to whatever He calls me to do and do wherever He calls me to go.  That's included severing relationships, walking away from rock-solid careers, and making myself just about homeless at times (but He never let me out high and dry like that, don't worry).  Still?  He's always provided and always asked me to keep walking even when the ground isn't visible.  And here I am because of it.

There's so much going on for me right now and for as crazy as it all has been, it's the most exciting time of my whole entire life.  I honestly feel like I'm on the verge of something so big that I can't even tell you how big it is because I only have a small glimpse of it and the rest of it is just sky high.  Don't get me wrong, I'm completely  intimidated by the things I feel like I'm being called to do but I'm going to do.  I'm going to do it all.  And I'm doing it all for nobody other than HIM.  It's the least I could do, y'know?  For all He's done (and will do) for me.

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