Friday, January 4, 2013

WiPs: Cartoons-in-the-round | 3D Design

Allow me for the lack of presence on the blog lately in the way of student artwork. I give you some works-in-progress from the 3D Design class. It's their last project of the semester!!!

PRIME time with lots of gesso being brushed about (pun definitely intended)

Yesterday and today the 3D class spent time attending to their cartoon sculptures done in the round out of boneware clay. They took about a two weeks of class time drafting up their ideas and then doing the actual sculpting right before we broke for Christmas and NY vacation.

The two weeks that we were out  left just enough time for the pieces to air-dry and set beautifully though some of them did suffer from some hairline fractures and natural separation of different pieces that weren't attached with the blending technique that I pushed them to use. (Hate to be the one to have to say "Told you so" but I absolutely did!!" A combination of gorilla glue, Alene's craft tacky glue, and some plaster tape helped to attend to any of the major issues of the drying out process (in a super cold studio classroom at that!) and it wasn't long until everybody was applying 2-3 good even coats of gesso for them to paint and detail in time for the end of next week when the end of class happens. (Cannot believe the end of classes is coming! Hate this time of year because of this. I ALWAYS hate having to say goodbye to the student artists every time it's time to do so.)

One of the pieces on the mend with some quick setting plaster tape. It was the best I could come up with to fix the very MAJOR crack that resulted from the drying process. This one even had an armature in it. *shrug*

Finding Nemo's Pearl the octopus!! Pretty much every day some one in class would take a turn and say her  infamous phrase, "Awww you guys made me iiiiink!"

A gecko/chameleon from I don't know which animated movie BUT the piece is BEAUTIFULLY sculpted and I know the student artist will do just as beautiful of a job painting and detailing it. Can't wait to see it finished!

One of my faves from this round of student work. It's a minion from Despicable Me!!!! This one also had us quoting Despicable Me at least every other day. It's been so much fun doing this project for everybody!!

There were also two Mike Wazowski's from Monsters Inc. and the dragon from How to train your dragon. There was one Mickey Mouse and one Cookie Monster and then (2?) from Dora the Explorer and one more from Finding Nemo (I think it was Dorie). I can't remember some of the others of the bunch but they are all pretty fun and I will certainly share them finished here on the blog when they are done.

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