Monday, January 28, 2013

Where is my head lately?

Hello! Remember me? Sorry I've been kind of... not here. It's not for lack of interest but rather for need of a much needed break!

I have had a crazy CRAZY time of things this month so far and because of this I am so glad to see January out of here very soon!!! 

1. I have been transitioning from 1st to 2nd semester and working with a whole new gang of student artists for 2D, 3D, Art History, and Digital Studio (Illustrator)

Some 3D works in progress. Fun with paper sculpting! Subject matter: EMOTIONS

 2. I have been prepping for an upcoming professional development workshop day that my school hosts every year for local-area schools
The first slide of a keynote presentation I must finish within the next two weeks!

3. I have been battling the cold and flu bugs in my house as all of my family members have had it twice now including me

[I will spare you the visual seeing as how it would probably be pretty gross]

[Seriously... you didn't actually want to see it, right?]

4. I have been getting back into graduate classes after a lovely month long break from it. Also, I have been doing with the most ridiculous work schedule (at school) because of inclement weather. Two abbreviated days last week and one today!!!

Scene from my house late at night when I have to stay up and do grad work while everyone else gets to sleep

5. I have been focusing on painting with much greater purpose and more meaningful brushwork

Painting over the painting I previously painted and called DONE.

6. I have been spending a ton more time with my cute as a button kid including finally soft sculpting/crocheting her annual character hat. This year it was a pink panda!

My sweet daughter in her panda hat! I got lazy and used felt to applique the eye patches and nose instead of crocheting them.

 7. Preparing for the school's Spring musical of "Hairspray" and this includes lots of meetings, lots of creative budget solving, lots of "figuring things out," and lots of feeling like I am going to lose my mind!!!!

Not from Hairspray but how it is making me feel. This is the Josefina AG doll that I am "refurbishing" from ebay for my daughter as AG dolls are her new favorite thing to play. I save money on them by buying used and fixing them up!


So, to answer the question posed by the title of this posting, my head is pretty much all over the place these days which is why I have been not here. My plan (and hope!) is that January helps me to sweep most of this craziness out and February - my favorite month of the year!!! - ushers in something new, fresh, and much more manageable. And with all of that? The possibility of me doing some of what used to be "regularly scheduled" blog postings the way I did last semester.

Until then, bear with me and hang tight! Only a couple of days left for January and then my plan is to bring the love with the blog postings! ;)


  1. It will calm down soon! Take deep breaths, slow your pace down a bit when you can, hug your family, take care of yourself (eat, drink, sleep a bit). You can't keep on running if you don't take care of you (spoken and ignored by this mom of four!) :-) Love your blog and look forward to new projects and renewed energy when you are ready! Mrs. P @

    1. Mrs. P - Thanks so much for the support and encouragement to help me figure out how to re-saddle and get back into the swing of things. I have been able to do as much as possible of what you suggested in my time away/off and I am looking forward to being able to share some new and perhaps unexpected things on here starting for this month! :)


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