Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This is what two weeks of painting looks like

Two weeks ago the canvas looked like this...


And then it went to this...

And I have revisited it so it currently it looks like this...

I am guessing that I have at least another week but more than likely two more weeks ahead of me to actual finish this painting. It's been a tremendous amount of work and very challenging but I have learned just as much too and I am in no major rush to complete this. I just want to be able to paint this well and CORRECTLY. I want the colors to be right, the marks to have integrity, the lines to have obvious speed, and I am not willing to skimp on anything that will diminish how it speaks to glorify creation and the creative process.


  1. Kind of reminds me of a Pheonix...very cool.

    1. Mr. E - That is a very interesting take on it and similar to what I was thinking, too, so I am glad that it was evident to someone else other than me. I really appreciate the feedback!

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