Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hacking up (and jacking up) my stuff

I tried to "glitter" my Otterbox case. (It worked for about 10 hours.)
What type of person are you?

Are you the type who likes to know things like - how something is made in order to understand why it works the way it does and thus understand how it manages to do what it does?

So anyway, I am pretty much that type of person. Case in point: my daughter got an American Girl doll for Christmas and during one of her naps, I figured out how to disassemble it (like, I was holding the dolls head IN MY HAND separate from the body and limbs) for the purposes of being able to know how to reassemble it so that I wouldn't have to do things like (in the future) send it to the sort-of expensive "doll hospital" to be able to do things like get the limbs retightened or the head reattached. Because, like, you know... the head would become unattached at some point and I would need to know how to do that to save myself money, right?

(I know. No need to comment. I am a weirdo. Let's not even get started on if my daughter would have caught me doing this to her doll. At least I am not a jerk like my older brothers were once to me when I was little and they lined up every doll I had, took their heads off of them, switched them around, and then brought me in to see what they had done. In retrospect I see it as both awful and completely hysterical BUT I also remember it as being just one more traumatic and tortured moment of childhood by their doing.) (Jerks.)

I like to know all of that because I am just plain curious (and, yeah, nosy too *there I said it*) and also because I am 1) a bit of a cheapskate 2) very much pride myself on being as resourceful as possible. I really REALLY enjoy being able to do as much as possible (meaning making something over again, fixing something, or creating something completely original).

All of this being said? I spend most of my life either figuring out things, doing whatever it is I figured out how to do, or... undoing the thing that I thought I figured out in order to fix an issue that I (essentially) created for for myself to have to contend with.

Basically, I (regularly) hack up my life which usually actually JACKS up my life instead.


Here are two things that I have learned within the last 24 hours with pictures to illustrate:
  • Otterbox Defender cases were simply not meant to be "glittered" at least according to the online DIY tutorials circulating about and the general blogosphere
  • If you buy cheap shoes from social network type shopping (I am talking about YOU, totsy) then expect to have to glue the sole (of at least one of them) down in order for your to wear them the way they are supposed to be worn. And also, glue that does not work includes Gorilla Glue AND Alene's gold craft glue. 

The glittery front portion of my otterbox that otherwise was actually pretty and glittery. *kicks dirt*

The back of my otterbox that still has some glitter that remained. Honestly, it doesn't look so terribly ugly to me and I kind of like it though I do admit that it looks pretty ridiculous. *shrug*

My beloved spike toe ballet flat with the right shoe's sole that needs to be glued AGAIN. See my bare right foot? Yeah. Story of my life right there. I am not only a "hot mess" most of the time but I am pretty much either literally or metaphorically missing one shoe on any given day. I do not have any good excuses for this. Love me or leave me - This is just who I am.

Tomorrow is my last day of classes with all of my first semester student artists - one section of Graphic Design, three sections of 2D Design, and one section of 3D Design. I am definitely bummed about this and if you were wondering that this unrelated posting was my way of not talking it? You are right.

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