Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrapping something in scripture doesn't make it any more of a gift than it already wasn't

I only just heard about the Connecticut shooting about 15 minutes ago otherwise I would have mentioned it before now.

I am sure people would beg to differ but I firmly believe that there are no words even in scripture that exist that could possibly be comforting enough for anybody right now (either directly involved or not).

People like to do that. They like to just quote scripture and call it enough, call it done, and assume that life can and will be all better as a result of them just quoting scripture or even repeating it over and over again.

Here's the thing: There is a time and place for people to receive scripture and you can't just assume that for someone else? That time and place is NOW.

Even for Bible scholars, scripture is very difficult to wrap your mind around enough that it becomes a part of you so much that it still lets you be yourself but informs who you are at the same time. That being said? Rocketing scripture at people during a time like this when tragedy so terrible you could never imagine it has happen is just no good.

It's inappropriate.

It's insensitive.

It's as INEFFECTIVE as it EVER could be.

And in all honesty? This applies just as much as if it isn't a major tragedy and devastation on such a grand level as when it is more personal like when someone finds out they have stage four cancer after they just buried their wife who died of breast cancer and they have to tell their only daughter who is just 14 years old that this will easily be the last Christmas you will ever be with her among other things that ensure that the end is very imminent.

I know I reference in scripture all the time and reference a sovereign Lord and an incredible savior named Jesus Christ pretty regularly and I basically weave and braid it into the things I am telling you about or the way I am trying to explain something. I want you to know that if I have ever offended you by appearing like I am launching "scripture rockets" or proverbially standing on a Bible in order to feel higher/better than you with and how what I am doing? Well... that was wrong of me and I am wrong. I do my best to try not to be too self-righteous and to show (rather than tell or, worse yet, demand) what I believe as a way of offering you a different perspective on how to regard something like some of the major and minor challenges of life. That's my intention even if it seems like I am just Bible thumping about.

Still... I just wanted to say something about what all is going on right this moment as a result of the Connecticut shootings this morning and say that I don't believe that scripture is so appropriate right now for this situation because sometimes? Sometimes the only right thing to do is not say anything and cry if you can't help it or let others cry if they want to or all cry together and hold onto one another to remember that it IS OK to cry and be devastated because this is devastating and no person should ever have to live in a world with this happens.

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