Thursday, December 6, 2012

Drive safely, right?

And as if all of the previous from yesterday and the day before isn't enough, over the weekend I was surprised by the Lord with an even more thought provoking and heart inspiring prospect...

A new member of my church congregation and a long-time friend/supporter of the school where I work reached out to me via email last weekend and offered me something incredibly unique: a full set of organ keys from the 1970s that once belonged to his father.


When I opened the email I was immediately catapulted in thought processes of how this was happening and what I was supposed to do with it all. I, of course, graciously welcomed the opportunity to take these keys (to what, I am asking the Lord) in order to give them a new purpose and life by way of visual art! I have an inkling of how and what the Lord wants me to do with this all but (again) it has not totally solidified yet so I am going to hold off on sharing any of it just yet.

So exciting. So amazing, exciting, and mind-boggling strange and wonderful this life of being an artist is sometimes.

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