Friday, December 14, 2012

Review of the double-decker drying rack for the studio classroom!

Not entirely sure how this will come up for you but thought I would try it! 

I am posting from email publishing complete with a picture of what I wanted to post and share anyway: a review of the new double-decker drying rack/dish rack I snagged on some months ago but only just recently got. (Zulily is awesome for steals and deals but you do have to wait for a while sometimes in order to be able to get your packages.)

Anyway, this type of drying rack is something I pinned on Pinterest originally because I thought it was so amazing but I was hesitant to get it because it was priced beyond what I was willing to spend - with shipping it would have been slightly over $40. Still, the price tag did not deter me from virtually "stalking" it and hoping that I would find it more in my range which I did eventually and that brings us back to square one of me sharing this information.

And as for the details of why I like it so much? Here it goes:

The upper level is great because it has a grate that would otherwise be used for dishes but it works just wonderfully for the purposes of drying freshly scrubbed wooden platforms for the 3D Design class' current clay sculpting endeavors. The lower rack provides a place that would otherwise be great for bowls or cups but for our purposes I have spread have spread out freshly scrubbed clay tools and I have also place them in the dual drying cups at the one end of the rack that was otherwise meant for utensils. At the opposite end of the rack there are places that would work for classes/cups but in the picture I have here you see I have hung a single water basin/reservoir there. One last thing about this drying rack? It is so compact that I can easily pick it up and put it out the way (because I share a classroom) so it can be a storage vessel for art tools/equipment as well! I suspect this would work for someone in an "Art on a Cart" situation or someone who has to work going from building-to-building. This drying rack is so solid and easy to move that it's hardly a pain to deal with if you have to. 

So that's my review of the double-decker drying rack that while made for home and kitchen organization is very ideal for the studio art classroom. I originally wanted to get one of these for you and do another giveaway but two things kept me from doing that:
  1. I didn't want to give something away that I otherwise didn't know was good, great, or (thankfully not) terrible
  2. My Christmas budget is just about tapped at this point and I didn't have the "funds" to do it just that. (I am praying that God will provide though and I will be able to do this giveaway at some point).
And that's it! Other than the fact that if you want to snag one of these before God makes it that I can do a giveaway, HERE is one like it that you can get for yourself and use a lot more immediately. It is exactly the one I have reviewed here but it is definitely more than I paid for it via Zulily.

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