Friday, December 21, 2012

How much of your blogfeed is vacationing for the holidays?

Hey there! I know I said that I was taking a vacation from this blog (and I am) but I wanted to let you know that I am not taking a vacation from blogging all together and I am just blogging somewhere else.

Remember that visual Bible study I said I was doing? Well... it's had it's ebbs and tides BUT it's stills standing and I have been attempting to invest myself with doing it every single morning (when the daylight hasn't even attempted to peek itself out!) in order to start my day in His word. Amazingly (but not surprisingly) it has done remarkable things for each of my days that start like this. Call it a self-fulfilling prophecy but I notice my day going in haphazards ways when (for whatever reasons) I don't start it with His words. Even if you look at the record/archive on the visual Bible study, you will notice some pretty obvious gaps when I haven't done it and you can also note what/where I have reported I am in life. The evidence speaks pretty loudly that things have been disordered when I haven't had the Bible study to steady me and I am not trying to Bible thump about this. (Seriously.)

If you want to talk about patterns of human behavior (because I used to work in clinical and behavioral psychology and so I like to look at the life through these types of lenses), my patterns of behavior and ways of my life have   almost always ALWAYS been at their most "crazy" when I haven't grounded myself in some way with my faith. This isn't to say that when my faith is solidly intact and not waning that life is easy but more than when my faith is wavering or I am not looking to it to anchor me, I am floating all sorts of place that I should otherwise never try to venture even with the best map or compass. And so? I feel like it is loudly obvious that the visual Bible study has done a world of difference for me since I started it earlier this year and even in the times when it appeared like I was abandoning it? Well, I have always returned to it and found that I shouldn't be so careless to leave it out of my life.

All of that being said, if you are interested in it (joining it or just watching my adventures with it) OR you are curious about my faith (no matter what faith you are, have, or don't have) OR your daily blogroll is a little barren with this season being Christmas and people taking vacations and all from blogging - I am blogging there every day and you are welcome to have at least it keep your blogroll going until everybody returns from vacation!!! Now, I warn you that I am no Bible scholar and I didn't have a classic Christian upbringing (meaning go to Christian school or anything) and I didn't go to college for ministry but I currently do technically work in youth ministry since the school where I teach/work is a faith-based institution where it is my job to use the gospel of the framework for how I present things to my students so that they learn how to have a Christian worldview.

If you are at all interested OR curious, you can access access my visual Bible study blog called "How Great Thou ART" by clicking HERE or by entering the actual blog address into your browser address bar that is - http:// OR you can click through the screenshot below of the blog posting of today (and just posted less than an hour ago) where I am examining the parable of the sower as it pertains to my own actual brothers and sisters in my family.

And if you end up doing your own visual Bible study similar to how I am doing? (Meaning: you have decided to be your own "How great thou ARTist" (HA!) then let me know so I can link up my blog with yours!!! Strength in numbers right? And(!) to my knowledge and per Google searches, there is nobody else on the web doing this except me. *shrug* and though my searches have confirmed that people have attempted it at their own brick and mortar establishments, this is a new and possibly innovative approach to scripture study that you could be in on!!! So... if you are all about trailblazing and it tickles your fancy to be in the know before everyone else is? You and I (TOGETHER!) could be on to something really REALLY big that the world will eventually catch onto because it is really REALLY awesome.

You game? LET'S DO IT!!!


  1. I started following your Bible study. Sometimes I do art journaling in response to scripture or sermons.

    1. Marcia - So glad you were able to start following along! Are you posting any of your art journaling online too? I would love to link up if you are! Let me know an address so I can add the link. Thanks!


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