Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The dreaming, praying, and CREATING of a home art studio - Part three

If you are interested in reading the previous installments in this little series, you can find them here: Part one and Part two.

Previously, I showed you all my new home art studio including talking about the inspiration of it and a 360 degree look around it. 

Today, I'm sharing some closer looks at two major parts of the studio -  mostly having to do with some of the supplies that are used on the everyday and NOT stored in the (still not ready to show you) supply studio storage room. Because we are all visual folks here (I mean, that's safe to assume, right?), here are some labeled pictures of closer looks of the art studio in the way of the everyday supplies in their storage and then my daughter's creative nook of the larger space. 

My 4 yo daughter has free reign over anything here in her area. I try to keep the water clean for her and she can create any time she wants to by clipping paper onto the easel board and painting with the tempera cakes or drawing with markers and pens. Her boxwood clay tools are also kept in her area for her to use as when it's time. 

This is a closer look at the General Storage unit. These materials, supplies, and tools are ones that are used frequently by all of us but that my daughter must use either with permission or with a grown-up to oversee things.

And that's sort of it for the general/everyday space and materials, supplies, and tools. There are some other things that my daughter has access to that are kept around and about the working space (like biodegradable packing peanuts sculpting adventures that I will share at some point) but they aren't the staples so that's why I didn't really mention them. 

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