Monday, November 12, 2012

How to make a rainbow any ol' time you want

I am a total kid at heart. Are you too? I have found that many visual art teachers and artists easily are.

That being said, since I have entered my adult years of bill paying and mortgages and yard work and health insurance and talking about politics (I actually don't really do this one) and and and.... well... you get the idea. 

Anyway,  I have found that it's easy for me to get wrapped in the adult stuff of the world so much that I forget about the fact that I truly am a kid at heart. Thankfully, being a teacher (even to high school students) and having a teeny-tiny little person at home (who is my 4yo daughter) helps me to reclaim childlike wonder any time I might need to. For lack of better way to put it, my students and my daughter help me to "keep it real" and maintain the childlike wonder that makes life so much more interesting vs. being overly adult and bogged down by the daily drivel.

Something else that helps me to "keep it real" is by doing very intentional things in my life that regularly force me to have perspective to see the world in the way a child would. One such thing that I did recently was buy into my first Groupon shopping deal when I picked up the Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room night lamp for my daughter. Her night lamp is on the fritz and I had had my eye on the Uncle Milton Rainbow maker for quite some time but I had resisted the urge to buy it because of the price. When Groupon had it available for $10 I couldn't say no and I quickly bought one. This is even despite the mixed reviews it got!

Many people who have reviewed it have said that it was cheaply made and they were annoyed because it ate through batteries and didn't come with an AC adapter and the illuminated (and projected) color wasn't very strong/vibrant. Thankfully, the one we got was not a lemon, hasn't eaten through the batteries and I feel like the illumination and colors are more than sufficient. See for yourself!

I took this picture in my daughter's room the other night.

Some of the reviews have fussed about the fact that the color only stays on for 10 minutes but I think this is actually kind of a good thing rather than it being annoying. This is because I will turn on the rainbow light right after my daughter's bedtime prayers and then "When the rainbow goes out" she KNOWS it is time for her to lay herself down for the night and not stall any longer with trying to get to sleep. It's a good visual cue for her just as much as it allows her a reasonable amount of time to decompress a little before she quietly falls to sleep. 

If you are in the market for a night lamp or you just want to inject a little bit of child-like wonder into your life/your family's life, I HIGHLY recommended picking up the Uncle Milton Rainbow in my room light. Please note that I have note been compensated for trying this product in any way and the reason why I am endorsing it so strongly is because I really and truly do like it. 

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