Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How about a hiatus?

As it happened yesterday, I posted a blog posting that should have been more student work from the Place of Grace painting project but was really my version of the Sharpie mugs that have been all the rage all over the interwebs. By the time I realized my snafu it was too late to take it back and I was throwing my hands up anyway because I realized I let such a thing happen because I am spent.

Today I'm taking a trip to one of my favorite studio art supply stores (not arts and crafts superstores like Michaels and the like - no offense to them but they can leave a lot to be desired for a lot of the times for me). I am doing this as a bit of a rite of passage for one of my senior art students who is embarking on a serious project this year to 1) learn how to oil paint and 2) paint a canvas that is easily five times as big as he is. Quite a bold undertaking, no? Well... God will see it through. I am absolutely sure of that!

Anyway, today and tomorrow and the next day and the weekend are going to serve as a nice break for me that I sort of said I might take last week (or something) but didn't. And because I definitely believe that it's never too late to start doing what you should have always been doing, I am letting you know that I will be seeing you next Monday when school is back in session for me!

See you then! God bless and have a wonderful time giving thanks for all of the things you have to be thankful for.


  1. Everyone needs a break now and then. have fun at the art store! That is a good field trip! See ya Monday.-Doug

    1. Doug - Hopefully I won't let this field trip for my student artist become an unnecessary shopping spree for me (my husband and my daughter - who will all be accompanying my student and me and who also have a serious love for all things arts as well). BTW - I finally was able to get myself to your blog - had to Google it because your profile is connected to your Google+ account and your blog isn't directly connected to it!! I really enjoy your printmaking endeavors in addition to your paintings (drawings?). I am going to have to spend more time looking them in order to read what you are trying to say with them but just from what I have seen so far they are quite intriguing.


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