Thursday, November 1, 2012

Look at what Art Mash blog is doing!!! [Cardboard Sculpture]

 Art Mash: Cardboard Sculpture: They took a long time but finally we're done!  Tiffany and Chris worked on the first one - a camera and they managed to have it so that the ...
Screenshot of Ms Swanson's Art Mash blog from  Richmond, British Columbia

I had no clue that I could do this but I just found the above on my blogroll and I was BLOWN AWAY by it and when I tried to visit the blog blog to comment on the teacher's posting I couldn't but I DID find this awesome blog sharing button at the base of the posting that allowed me to easily create a posting here on my blog!! Nifty, eh? Art Education networking is such a beautiful thing.

Way to go Art Mash blog!!! I am so impressed with your cardboard sculpting ability. ;)

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