Monday, July 30, 2012

Took my liberties with this one

I have done nothing but put off painting and finishing this up since my painting class ended almost a month ago. Not sure what my problem was/is but I think I just needed a break from my pouring myself into just one more thing. *shrug* Kind of sad that the very thing I love more than anything (painting) is the one thing that I couldn't bring myself to do for my own amusements, enjoyment, and/or refreshment.

This painting is for a wedding in two days. (I first talked about it here.) It is an oil painting. Thankfully I was able to sit down and not just push it over the hump I had stopped at before to get it to a reasonable midway point...

I was also able to actually finish it! Amazing. And I did this all in maybe an hour and a half of time.

Please ignore the fact that I could not fit the spire of the wonderfully decorative and iconic spire on top of the domain on the canvas and also the fact that structurally? Well, let's just say the Capitol building doesn't actually look like that! (Whatev. I am taking lessons from Cezanne. I mean I know I am no Cezanne but I am learning by imitating, OK?)

I think one of the major reasons I was able to get myself painting and actually finish this painting was the fact that I really forced myself to keep to a few things that allowed me a lot greater artistic interpretations...
  1. Capturing the essence of the Capitol building versus just doing a rendering of it
  2. Preserving the integrity and speed of the market
  3. Working the paint wet into wet and doing a bit of impasto stylings without making it completely impressionistic. 
I wouldn't have done anything of these things (meaning: I likely wouldn't have finished this painting) had I never taken the painting class earlier this summer because that's where I learned all of the aforementioned.

Overall I am 90% happy. What's up with the 10%? Well... I am a little concerned the paint won't dry in time. I seriously slathered on the liquin but... well, it's almost physically impossible for oil paint to dry in two days. What am I gonna do? Can't win 'em all that's for sure. 

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