Monday, July 9, 2012

Coming to you L-I-V-E!!

Yesterday I packed my bags and jumped in the car to head to my first ever intensive week-long study course for my graduate program...

There are my bags with my study Bible topping the whole pile off. I cannot do this without THAT.

The drive was reasonable from the DC area where I live and it was also very pretty as I opted to take the most scenic routes available in order to work my way down to central VA where Liberty University is located. (That's where I am doing my studies. Not sure if I have mentioned that before.)

Before I arrived at my hotel, I made sure to pit stop at Target in an effort to pick up some things that would help make my room for a week more like home. I picked up snacks, lots of Dr. Pepper (so shameful that this was on my list of must-haves!), a single pretty bowl to eat out of, and a set of real silverware to eat with. My rationale was that I would already feel pretty displaced and out of sorts so if I did small things (like having real flatware and stuff at least to eat with) I wouldn't feel quite so far from home where I would much rather be.

I arrived and made really good time, checked in, set up my space, and got right to work as I still had to complete (and submit electronically) one mandatory item and then tie up lose ends for two other items (that worked in tandem) that would be submitted today and later this week.

Here is a view from the door of the place I will call home this week.

My hotel room for the week is probably the best that of what I could have gotten for the week. I thought very intently about what would be the best possible set up for me (knowing my work habits and specifically my diagnosed learning challenges) and intentionally sought out a living space that would separate the work area from the sleeping area. I was so happy to find a place that offered what you see above! What is not pictured is a very modest food storage/prep area with a sink, refrigerator, and microwave. Pair that with what you see above and you have a really cool little efficiency type studio apartment space that is a little more home-y and a little less hotel-y. 

I am so delighted to report that I was able to make a lot of progress with the immense amount of work that I have had to do for this class and though I was up until a little beyond 1am last night, I got everything taken care by what I know was the pure grace, endurance, and strength of my Lord God. 

Snapped this shot at a little before midnight when I still had a couple of hours to go.

I was also able to do some FaceTime with my husband and daughter and that alone motivated me and helped me to feel a little less far from home than what I actually am. I am looking forward to using that to its fullest extent for the entire time I am here doing my studies because I know it will help offset my homesickness that kicked in yesterday when I finally got here.

And right now? Well, I'm actually sitting in my class waiting for it to start. :)

The people so far seem really nice and I am looking forward to finally be able to make some (literal) connections with people versus having them be strictly virtual as this course has been predominantly online for me thus far.

Will continue to try and update with what I learn this week! Happy Monday.

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