Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Decompressing from decompression


My brief and very necessary interlude (as mentioned here) is gradually coming to a close and I'm hoping to reinstate my blogging-legs within the week. Thanks for bearing with me and keeping the blog hits coming despite my lack of posting anything new.

While this is not a promise, some things I am considering sharing include the following:
  • Thoughts/overview of my graduate summer studies and/or the distance learning experience in general
  • The big word and conclusion of my learning disabilities issues (including the testing process, what it revealed, and how I am dealing with it)
  • The whole business of me finally plunging into the world and wonders of iPad amazingness including some of the apps (for art and not) that I like and don't like
  • Discovery and review of the Sensu stylus and digital paintbrush
  • Thoughts/review of the book Imagine by Jonah Lehrer and how it has utterly transformed my approach to teaching art and the creative process
  • My continuing adventures of giving handmade 
  • Discipleship as it applies to fostering talent within the art world and providing individualize mentoring to fledgling artists
  • And, of course, some of my planning process and supplies ordering for the upcoming school year
Now, let me just fully acknowledge my own flakiness that (easily) the aforementioned could hardly come close to any type of fruition. I mean, I'm sitting here (mostly) rested and reasonably inspired from an impromptu family vacation that took me out of the country.  The "everyday" of a whole house needing to be cleaned, massive amounts of laundry needing to be done, groceries needing to be bought, and a preschool child underfoot all while I am still doing graduate studies is completely and totally a reality as well. Still, I believe in thinking big and trying to accomplish as much of that is possible and I know if I just open my mind and heart, step aside, and let the Lord know my deepest desires and aspirations, He could very easily accomplish not only the aforementioned (with me as His vessel) but also much more than that. Truly, that's why I am here blogging/sharing to begin with.

All of that being said? I am still in my pajamas and my child is fussing at me to help her make a pretend picnic in her playroom. My goals for today include attending to that, getting to the grocery store (so my family has something to eat at all) and hopefully making it to the Apple store to pick up my new iPad. So, this is it for now. Just wanted to say "hey" I haven't completely disappeared and hope you are well. 

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