Friday, June 29, 2012

The pitfalls of inviting me to your wedding

With summer now here and it being wedding season, I'm keeping with my resolution of this year to live a life more creative and give handmade.

Now, giving handmade for a wedding present can be a dicey thing. Gift giving can be really hard and wedding registries exist specifically for informing all invited guests of what might be most appropriate or most welcome by the newlyweds. With regard to this, a handmade gift might be graciously received but it might also not be as fully appreciated as something else. What it comes down to is it depends on the type of handmade gift that is given.

While I could do any number of handmade works, I have been taking the painting class and I am feeling confident that I can paint something reasonably acceptable for the caliber of a gift that would be for a wedding. The bride and groom are both history buffs and appreciate the value of our nation's capitol so it seems most appropriate to do something grounded in that. I got an awesome panel (essentially it's cradle board) in a really nice size that will hang without a frame just beautifully on any focal wall of their home together. I have already done some commissioned artwork for the couple so I know they appreciate my brushwork enough and I pray that I can make the piece I am working on (as seen above) special and timeless enough for it to be well received to recognize their marriage together.

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  1. I think handmade gifts are legit. We hand out way too many toasters and gift cards these days. I'd invite you to my wedding (if I was ever having one)...because I'd probably like your handmade gift the best. :)


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