Monday, June 11, 2012

Catch you on the flipside

We actually painted today in class but I absolutely forgot to take pictures because I got all into this discussion with the almost octogenarian German lady who paints at the easel closes to me.

Unrelated: I've decided she is my favorite after witnessing her eat a butter and cheese sandwich that she accidentally left in the studio classroom last week (on Thursday) and happily discovered today when we all got to class. It had been there uncovered and without refrigeration since Thursday. (Let me just give you a moment to get that last part.) She seriously was like a little kid when she found that sandwich and announced her "good fortune" to everyone who would listen and then wasted no time scarfing it down while the entire class looked on in both awe, horror, and disgust. When she was done she shrugged and said in a very delicate and ladylike German accent, "I was hungry. And that was very expensive cheese! I only get the good time."

Once I witnessed her eat that sandwich, I couldn't even help myself and became her #1 fan and struck up a conversation that lasted for almost the entire class and until we were the last two people (long after class was dismissed) just chatting up the coolness that is her whole entire life.

Anyway, all of this to say I was kind of totally unfocused on painting and forgot about taking my daily picture of my easel. I'll catch up tomorrow and try not to be distracted by new best friend.

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