Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moving right along...

A word of note: The previous posting was presented to you both in jest but all the same with an actually justifiable (as it pertains to the arts and communications) purpose and learning objective. If I offended you in any way by it, I apologize. It certainly wasn't intended to be offensive and for the record? None of the students are taking me all that seriously about it. As a matter of fact, more than half a dozen asked if they could get a "season pass" and just pay "a few bucks" in advance in order to be able to ensure that they can speak however they like.

Tomorrow SHOULD be the last day for the packing tape sculpture projects but as it's happening? Well... it's not going to happen. *womp womp* The absolute FINAL date will be Monday. And once that happens? Things like the below (examples of two of the most successful sculptures so far)...

Will be ALL. OVER. THE. SCHOOL!!!!!!

We are all about getting the art out of the art room and into the places with the people who might need a little more art in their lives.

The next thing on the agenda will be the long-awaited clay project that will require each of the students to look very critically at their own physical likeness and then sculpt themselves in "claymation"-form and style.


  1. I think ima need a how-to for this one. ;) Please!

  2. Ashley - Just posted the lesson idea post for this one! Let me know if/when you do this because I can help you figure out how many rolls of tape you can plan for/order for materials.


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