Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End of the year woes

Less than two weeks remaining of school for me and the students are finally doing the "unit" of project work that is ceramics and clay sculpting. It's totally a "first world" complaint but I can't tell you how much I detest this project. Why? Well, NORMALLY I love doing the clay project but my supplies budget was cut about December time which left me scrambling to find material and ultimately landed me with some old-ish hand-me-down clay that just wasn't very well suited for this project. Normally I use Sculpture House Boneware clay so I don't have to deal with the in-classroom kiln but this year I guess I'm going to have to fire it up to finish out the year.

(Like I said before, I am aware this is a total "first world" complaint considering I was even able to have clay to use for three whole classes AND I have a very nice kiln to use whenever I want to. Just don't mind me. I know I'm being a baby about this whole thing.)

The objective for the project was to have the students do cartoon versions of themselves but the clay was hardly the kind that should have been used for this type of thing and I also didn't block off enough time for this so I ended up throwing in the towel and just kind of letting the do whatever. Someone did a really awesome "storm trooper" so I'm glad they were at least able to have fun.

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