Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Unintended brief intermission

Things of late...
  • I'm drafting this post on my brand spankin' new Macbook pro! I've been a PC gal all my life but after the increasing occurrence of the blue screen event on my desktop and a work-issued laptop that is easily going that way too, I figured it was time to just jump ship to Apple already. So here I am!
  • ...And I'm still very much getting used to this whole business of now being a mac user. I picked it up yesterday late afternoon and spent the better part of today trying to customize it to make it functional for my intents and purposes. My student aide had a grand ol' time laughing at me as I called myself a "grandpa" who was trying to figure out "this new fangled technology."  Why did I not call myself a grandma instead? Your guess is as good as mine. 
  • I just got a bit of a windfall of freelance/business inquiries: a bar mitzvah/event to photograph and a painting party for some spritely three year olds. I have two weddings coming up in the next two months as well. It's looking like my business(es) are just about open for business that is otherwise known as a summer of leisure to too many others.
  • I am trying my best to not get bit by the spring fever/senioritis bug that is circulating about (probably) every high school's senior class. On one hand I'm just ready to be done. Spring break and then Easter break was such a terrible tease. There is pretty much nothing left but a looooooooooooooong stretch of full weeks of school until memorial day weekend and then I'm pretty much done anyway.
  • My seniors are all getting ready to head for the hills and I cannot tell you how much I am doing to mentally prepare myself for this. This is my third year at this school and I have never felt such a great personal connection with any of the other classes as I have with this one. I seriously love my seniors of 2012. They have been amazing in SO many ways. I don't want them to graduate. Seriously. 
  • Despite all of my silly and stupid woes there is a lot that I have within the next month and a half until school is dun-zo. I have lesson ideas with finished student work that I will be posting (hopefully in a timely manner) and some really cool "events" that I will be partaking in and photographing so that they, too, can be featured here on the blog.
So that's that. 

Sorry, no pictures or interesting words of incite or amusement! But if you really want pictures, I am officially on Instagram and my username is dreampraycreate if you want to see some of the latest snaps I have posted. I'm averaging at least two per day of things falling into the following two categories: art and my family (mainly my kid). 

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