Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pack it up, pack it in, let [it] begin...

Though it might seem a little off topic to entitle this posting with some House of Pain lyrics, it's actually not too off base since our first day of sculpting with packing tape in the 3D class has actually yielded some slight discomfort (that could be considered painful to some).

While it has been both fun, amusing, and challenging for all of the folks NOT being wrapped in saran wrap and then packing take the young folks who served as the models for the sculptures themselves? Some of them might have mentioned feeling like their circulation was being slightly cut off. *shrug* We are tortured artists as much as the best of them, right?

Here are just two snaps I put on instagram (username dreampraycreate if you want to "follow"). I am surprised I could get these pictures because honestly? I was laughing pretty hard during the whole process.

Most of the groups have not started because they have not filled out their worksheet/packets properly yet but starting some of the groups today really helped to motivate everyone else to do what they needed to do in order to get started tomorrow on the pre-wrapping and then wrapping/sculpting with the tape.

I suspect this project will go maybe a week of class time so I should have some good solid pictures of student work within the next two weeks! Yay!!!


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