Friday, April 13, 2012

The evolution of a self-portrait

Today I am home sick because of a surprise case of pink eye. *grrrrrrrrr* -_-

My battle with pink seems to be never-ending and I cannot stand it for all types of reasons that I don't even care to go into right now because it will only make me mad.

Anyway, today I am doing my best to just try not to itch or touch my eyes in any way as well as catch up and finish some projects that are time sensitive. One of those projects? Clean up and organize my hard drives. *pfffffffttttttt*

Something kind of amusing that I have come across in this process is a very small collective of self-portraits I've used on the web since 2001 to represent my visual likeness.  Mostly they have been featured on my bio page of my photography site.  The very first one I ever used (that I would have liked to include) is no where to be found. Probably better that it happened that way since it was the ultimate of fauxtography mistakes all culminating in one piece.  It was duo-toned, vignetted with white, had a softened focus, etc. etc. etc. What can I say? I was learning and still am learning. Anyway.

Below are the only three images that I have used for bio pic purposes. As it happens, I do my best staying behind the camera and lens if ever I can help. I don't know. I just don't much like being photographed. Still? I know that photographs of individuals are important. And so? I present to you three images that I have used in the past in order to represent myself...

This one I took in the mirror before everyone was doing it for social networking purposes  right before I went to shoot one of my first weddings as a second shooter. It was taken somewhere between 2002 and 2005. That's a long amount of time but honestly? I don't remember when it was taken. 

Another mirror self-portrait. There's my trusty camera on my trusty bracket system that I accidentally broke at that very wedding I was shooting. #facepalm  Luckily, I always make friends with all of the vendors and service folks wherever I am shooting and one of the maintenance guys at the country club where this wedding was came to my rescue and jerry-rigged my bracket in a way that permanently affixed my dedicated flash on its mount with the cord but whatever. It was a good solid fix that is still actually like that even today - though I don't use my bracket anymore.

And here is my current bio self-portrait. I know, I know... another mirror shot.  Perhaps I am ridiculously obsessed with having control over the camera but as it stands? If I have to be photographed, I prefer to be the one to do it. I guess that's the reason for all of my pictures being mirror shots. Anyway, I took this one a little more than a year ago and I feel like it's still as reasonably representational as a self-portraits could be. I'm growing my hair out so I'm hoping by next Fall I will be ready to do the next mirror shot to update things. Who knows.

So, that's kind of interesting. At least, to me.

I should probably get myself in a decent state to go to the doctor's office and get this pink eye issue worked out. Hope you all in the blogosphere are doing well and have a terrific weekend doing all that you do.

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