Thursday, April 12, 2012

From the archives to the auction block...

Per tradition for this time of year, it's time for the annual big fundraising event for my school. It's Spring Spectacular time!!!

A huge part of the event aside from the eating, drinking, and being merry is the silent auction. Every year the event coordinators come to the art department asking for donations of student work.

This technicolor giraffe painting has been a permanent favorite and source of inspiration for all who have spent time in the art room. Many of those folks might be sad that it is headed to the auction but I say this to them: Go to the auction and BID ON IT!!! It will be yours forever then and you can carry it wherever you please so you always have it! 
Not sure if this is from this year or last year but this is a project the other art teacher does almost every year with her classes.  The goal for the students is to play with tangible texture as much as with color gradations.

No clue what student/class did this but it has a distinctive Peter Max vibe to it if you ask me. It's an acrylic painting on a canvas panel. Anything related to the water, sailing/boating, nautical-themes are big around here because of the school's proximity to the water that promotes such a culture as that.

It pains me to get send this to the auction (along with the next three). These are HUGE pieces down on boards that are almost 5 feet by 5 feet. They were made by a student from the class of 2008 and they are AMAZING in person. They are mixed media and the student worked all year on this collective/themed-set. They have been sitting in art storage for way too long and we pulled them out last year about this time in an effort to get them hung in the athletics building. EVERYONE seemed to be happy about the idea. And then? It was axed! *WHATEV* 

Material used on this giant baseball was gauze for the surface of the ball and then felt for the stitching.

I believe the surface of this volleyball and the patterning of it was created from plaster. Not sure though. (Plaster is a big thing we use around these parts so it's a pretty safe assumption to make.)

This one is my FAVORITE of all of them. Excuse the poor quality of the picture. See the texture of the basketball? THOSE ARE INDIVIDUAL BBs that were adhered to the giant piece of board and then painted!!!!! I KNOW, RIGHT?!!!! I don't even want to think about how long it took the student to put those BBs on there one-by-one. But I'll tell you what - it was SOOOOOO worth his effort because it looks amazing in person and truly captures the real texture of a basketball.

So yeah. In about a week and a half or so, these are all up for grabs (or rather bids) to help make the annual fund of the school a LITTLE bit better, bigger, and healthier to keep the private school I work at afloat.

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