Friday, September 14, 2012

It's working!!!!!!

I am so pleased to give you an update on the new art gallery within the art gallery at my school.

The students have really taken to it and I visit it every day's end that I have to help manage and monitor its use. So far there has been everything from sharing of works-in-progress from the classes I teach as well as some surprises like things that look like they were done in class or quickly done just to be a part and within the "mix."

Currently I am waiting for a pretty big shipment from Amazon and one of the items in that shipment is sculpey clay and 50 circular magnets of a brand that I found is most high quality to do something like make more magnets for this gallery within the gallery. This endeavor is going to be the first fellowship event for the school's art club. And down the pike for the art club? We also have lots of set painting that will happen, face painting at the October school-wide community Harvest festival, and then monthly afterschool make-and-take gatherings for students to be able to make arts and crafts in a more relaxed type of atmosphere.


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    1. Thanks!!! The students are having quite a fun time with it. The other day I was in the gallery trying to do some administrative work with it - getting nameplates prepped and also getting a feel for how much space I had to work with to put up some new work - and one of them tried to come by and discretely (meaning, trying not to let me see) that they were putting something up! I had to laugh because they were literally tiptoeing and then they put it up and scurried away. It was awesome!!


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