Wednesday, September 26, 2012

And the winner is...

Thank you all so much for participating in the the Dream. Pray. Create. first ever giveaway of my current "favorite things."

I am so delighted to announce that the (randomly selected) winner of the giveaway is...

of Sharpie Woman blog

Here is the winning entry/comment she left detailing her favorite product to use in her classroom:

It seems a lot of your love your liquid watercolors because Pat wasn't the only one who mentioned them! I think I am going to have to be buying some to try in my classroom for next year! :) Thanks for the suggestion!!!

Congratulations, Pat! I hope this winning is a real blessing to you and all of your creative endeavors. I will be contacting you via contact email so I can get your mailing address and ship your prize package to you as soon as I can!!!
Thank you everyone who both entered to win and also considered entry but decided not to. As I have said before, I appreciate your patronage of this blog and the fact that I have a place here on the interwebs to call my own creative niche is enough for me any day of the week.

Also, Doug L. - Thank you for the great suggestion to break up long blog postings into two for the sake of making them easier to read. I know I tend to be incredibly verbose (it is actually a product of my dyslexia) and this can make for some incredibly long reading just as much as it is for my writing it in the first place. I used to write for a photography blog and they made me break up postings into parts just as you suggested so maybe I will try that here to better meet the needs of all of you lovely, blog readers and supporters!

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